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Feel the fear and do it anyway

18 Feb

I absolutely adore the nipped-in look of forties and fifties-style tops, jumpers and cardigans. The women in the images look so glamorous *sigh*.


I’m a sucker for any knitting patterns that feature these elegant designs, and my knitting to-do list is getting ridiculously long. However I wouldn’t make any headway with said list if I didn’t overcome a knitting problem of mine. The fear of making sleeves.

 Ok, ok, stop laughing, I know it sounds absolutely absurd to be apprehensive about knitting sleeves, but a worry’s a worry. Then as I was flicking through my stash of individual patterns and books I decided the best way to overcome this was to face it head-on, and do it. Knit something with sleeves. Crikey.

My vintage-style knitted capelet, featured in the last post, was the first non hat/scarf/mitten pattern I’d taken on. It was the nearest thing to a cardigan, without the problem of having to house the arms separately.

At the Knitting and Stitching Exhibition I picked up, among other things, Wonderland, an adorable children’s knitting pattern book which features contemporary patterns for children.

One of the items that caught my eye was this jacket. I love a bit of military detailing in fashion, and this jacket was so out of the ordinary from the usual children’s knitting patterns I knew I just had to make it for my two and a half year-old nephew. Plus it would help in my sleeve therapy programme.

I must have been mad; I bought the pattern book on November 27th with a view to giving the jacket as part of his Christmas present. As I would only get to seem him on Boxing Day, that gave me just under a month to knit it, including two *gulp* sleeves, sew it together and present it to him. Yikes.

So here it is. Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, it was taken on my phone just before I wrapped it up to be delivered to the little guy.

It's got sleeves! The finished item

It doesn’t look much in the pictures, but in the flesh, or wool if you prefer, it looks so lovely and professional.

What you can’t see in the picture is that there are two fawn elbow patches which match the shoulders. So cute.

I certainly got the seal of approval from the little fella, he jumped up and down on the spot at the sight of jumper peeking out of the wrapping paper, and after shooting his arms up to allow the jacket to fit over his clothes, he ran around to all the relatives who were over to show them what his aunty had made him. *knitting pride*

So did it help me overcome my sleeve phobia? Well, I’m mid-way through making an adult-sized cardigan for yours truly and have knitted the sleeves, I just need to position and then sew them in. So I’m obviously not that frightened of them anymore.

Do any readers have any knitting-related apprehension?  My motto? Feel the fear and do it anyway!