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Pretty and practical: baby knits

28 May

Golly gosh gosh.

It’s been a while since I paraded around and showed off my first completed adult cardigan.

It’s surprising how much a job can take over your life and leave the little time remaining good for two things: eating and sleeping.

Understandably knitting slid down the list of things I wanted to do, however I am determined to make the time to pick up the needles and get cracking.

Since I last posted I’ve started work on this bad boy from Claire Montgomerie’s  Knitting Vintage.

NAUTICAL KNITS: Vintage-style Breton jumper

However as I’ve only just cast on, it’ll be a while until I’m finished and posting pictures of it…

Anyway, enough of that, there is exciting news here at SKP, my best friend is pregnant, which can only mean one thing in my book… baby knits!

Instead of idly flicking through baby knitting patterns and thinking ‘that looks so tiny and cute’ and leaving it at that, I can pick up my needles and clickety click click my way through booties, blankets and bibs. EXCITING TIMES.

Here’s my baby knits wishlist so far:

Booties: These one-hour baby booties from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘n Bitch Handbook.

If it turns out she’s having a baby girl, I am most definitely knitting these :

FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Ruby red baby booties

Although the patterns seems to have been taken off the website *curses* I’m sure I can find a similar pattern elsewhere and adapt as needed.

But if it turns out to be a baby boy, I’m going to have a go at these teeny-tiny adorable Ugg booties:

UGG-LY THEY AINT: Gorgeous little booties

Pattern and image courtesy of -kandikane-


I love basket weave stitch as I find it very warm and soft against your skin, which is perfect for someone so small and delicate. *Aww*

I’m thinking of going for gender neutral colours, maybe a light green with a dark green contrast border. Thoughts?

BASKET WEAVE: So soft and pretty

One thing all these yarns will have to be is machine washable and durable. As lovely as cashmere blend baby items are, hand-washing at a particular temperature isn’t going to go down well with a sleep-deprived new mum.

My motto is pretty and practical.

These are just some of the patterns I’ve been cooing over, but I’m sure there are plenty more for me to discover. Any favourite go-to baby patterns anyone could signpost me to?

Happy knitting! SKP x