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Vintage capelet

25 Jan

As I mentioned in the last post, this featured item takes inspiration from the 50s and 70s. I know it sounds a strange era combination but the style is very much from the 50s, but has a 70s knitwear feel which I think complements it beautifully.

I was admiring (read drooling) over the patterns in Susan Crawford’s Vintage Gifts to Knit a few months ago, saw this beaut and thought ‘I gotta have me some of that’.

Town & City Tufted Cape: day-to-day glamour

 I decided to steer away from the green and black combination, and decided on black, with a slight glitter trim, that way I can wear it in the daytime, or use it as an evening capelet.

This project was the first ‘proper’ item of clothing I’d knitting beyond scarves, hats and fingerless gloves. At this point I had a ridiculous fear of knitting (messing-up) sleeves and thought this was the perfect item to knit before embarking on something with *gulp* sleeves.

I had no problems with doing tufted stitch, and found once I’d got the rhythm of it, I could quite happily sit and knit while watching television. The only issue I had was picking up the stitches, it took a couple of goes before I got them picked-up and evenly spaced, but overall, I’m really happy with the result.

My take on the capelet:

 Close-up of the stitches

Ready for my close-up: tufted and garter stitches

Ok, so you can definitely see the fifties influence, what about the seventies? As I was flicking through this month’s Company magazine, I noticed a feature called Blown Away, which focused on homespun knits, a main staple of the seventies . One of the items used was a capelet by Orla Kiely which had a whopping £70 price tag.

Company magazine: January 2012

Not that I’m biased or anything, but I think you get more garment (and value) for the money paid for the wool and pattern book, never mind the satisfaction of it being hand-crafted.

What about you? Any of you knitters had that feeling before?


Knitting natter

11 Jan

Well hello and welcome to the first blog post of sheknitsandpurls!

After much umming and ahhing I’ve decided to take the plunge and start blogging my knitting exploits. I’ve been an on-off knitter for the last few years, making more scarves than I care to remember and a few (often-abandoned) attempts to go beyond the odd sock or hat. The turning point was in late 2010 when I attended The Knitting and Stitching Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in London. My eyes were opened to the infinite possibilities a pair of needles, some wool and a bucket load of imagination could lead to.

From 2010 to 2011 I held down two jobs, a voluntary role at a local charity and then embarked upon post-graduate studies. My free time was limited (to say the least) and unfortunately knitting went on the back burner.

Fast forward a year and things are quite different. I’ve finished studying, I only have one part-time job and the rest of my free time is dedicated to searching for a full-time ‘grown-up’ job and knitting.

Again, The Knitting and Stitching Exhibition worked its magic, (this time in Harrogate) and reaffirmed the idea that I wanted to dedicate more time to this wonderful craft. And here I am two months later knee-deep in wool, needles and patterns and full of excitement at what knitting ventures 2012 may bring.

Bring. It. On.