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My first cardigan *knitting pride*

1 May

It’s finally done. The last stitches have been cast off, the buttons sewn on, and the finished item pressed lovingly (and very carefully) with the iron.

The cardigan that I often blogged about and repeatedly apologised for not being finished is completed. Not only is it finished it has also been worn with great pride and, I like to think, with great style!

SHEER DELIGHT: one happy knitter and her new cardigan

 For those of you new to the story: Hi my name is Sheknitsandpurls and I am a recovering sleeve-phobic.

The story began when, filled with the confidence of having finished a non-scarf item that I would wear in public, I decided to bite the bullet and have a go at something with sleeves.

It resulted in a last-minute Christmas gift for my two-and-a-half year-old nephew.

I was pleased with how that went, so I then decided to go big and knit an adult-sized one for myself. And this is the result:

STRIKE A POSE: The finished item

I loved  knitting with this yarn. The skeins themselves looked lovely, and the colours that developed as I knitted made the whole project so exciting and unpredictable.

AND AGAIN: The back of my new cardigan

 The first pictures don’t do the colours justice, (I decided to take pictures on one of the gloomiest days of the year) here’s a better one:

TASTE THE RAINBOW: Forget Skittles, this cardigan's got all colours covered

The number of colours in this cardigan makes it a really versatile piece as it complements a wide range of outfits. I’m so pleased with it 🙂 not that you can tell or anything…

FINISHED PIECE: ready to be shown off to the world

 Ironically having worried about knitting, setting and sewing in the sleeves I found doing that one of the easier parts.

 The worst bit that made me want to throw the whole shooting match out of the window was picking up the stitches for the button band. Boy did I get mad at the number of times I had to frog that bloomin’ row. But as it’s done now I’m starting to get over it. Just about.

So yes, that’s me. My sleeve-phobia is cured (huzzah) and my first cardigan is done. I know it’s nothing on the standard of some knitters, but I’m hoping from these baby steps, more fabulous knitted items are to come. BRING. IT. ON.