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Knit happens

20 Apr

I cannot believe just how quickly time is flying over. If it carries on at this rate it’ll soon be Christmas!

Although my knitting mojo is well and truly back, so are about eleventy billion other things. I’ve been thrown well and truly into the lion’s den at work now the new intake of students have started, I’ve celebrated five birthdays (one my own), Easter and all the family trappings that having a close-knit (pardon the pun) family brings.

Unfortunately it’s not all been fun though, I’ve also experienced a family bereavement which knocked the wind right out of my sails. 

What can I say? The last couple of months have been busy and unfortunately knitting had to slide down the list of priorities. But no more, the cardigan is one step closer to being finished *yay* and now all that’s left to do is attach the sleeves and sew on the, as yet unbought, buttons. Then I get to wear it – my favourite part!

Speaking of birthdays (all five of them), one present I did receive was knitted-related and was this gorgeous knitting bag:

Perfect birthday present: Vintage print knitting bag

I love the delicate vintage print, the spring colours and the wooden handle. It holds so much knitting too, which is always a bonus. Isn’t she a beaut?

Hope you have a productive knitting weekend. Cardigan sleeves, here I come! SKP x